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… yes, I am still alive. Over the past handful of months, many “life things” have required attention. That trend will continue for a bit longer, but I am pleased to report that the fiction side of things continues to move forward. Just really, really SLOWLY forward, relative to the original projections. (And if you thought that “original projections” phrase sounded a bit corporate-y, well, that’s probably my corporate side sneaking in … that’s one of the “life things” alluded to earlier, among others. Gotta pay rent, y’know?)

In any case, still here. Looking forward to being a bit more “back in touch” by late spring / summer!

Meanwhile, all best, to all of you.


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If you’re part of the newsgroup or follow on FB or Twitter, you heard the news: the short story “Triage“, a Year’s Best Science Fiction Honorable Mention, is now available on Amazon.

Triage by TS Vale

About “Triage”:

I was recently encouraged to release “Triage” (thanks, encouragers!) on Amazon. It made sense, and I chose to do it as TS Vale (one of my several “writer names” aka pen names) because Triage is a dystopian story.

Er, we all hope it’s a dystopian story!

This short story originally appeared in Strange Horizons magazine. Always a great place to find amazing short SFF by authors both long-established and new.

In addition to the Year’s Best Science Fiction (ed. Gardner Dozois) Honorable Mention, I’m proud that “Triage” has inspired discussion of healthcare issues more than once in the years since it first came out. Interestingly enough, people have related to the story from both sides of the long-running controversies … er, perhaps I should say discussions? … around access to healthcare.

Check out the synopsis on the Amazon page.

Oh wow, and, a taste ….

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Oh wow. Yes, it does appear to be true that I missed the entire month of May, in terms of blog posts. Oops.

If you’re actually reading this … hugs, love you lots! Grin.

As I often mention in my emailed newsletters or announcements, I tend to be a lot better about 1:1 comms than blog updates. Please don’t hesitate to contact me any time. And / or, sign up for the news, and you’ll get “the latest” delivered to your inbox.

And now I’ll leave you with this lovely “Taste of Darkness” event, going on the entire month of June!


No, really

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No, really, I DO stop by my own website every so often. I know it’s not always easy to tell. Good thing there are so many other awesome blogs out there in the world to read, in between my super-infrequent posts.

For what it’s worth, most people can vouch that I’m way better about one-to-one communications than blogging. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via one of the social channels or via email, any time.

Back to fiction generation, now.

Fiction, or, the possible?

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The “joke” has been going around on social media that we never knew all those dystopian fiction novels we’ve read, might actually be how-to guides.

Another joke, one that I rather like, is the one where people marvel at how none of the post apocalyptic or dystopian novels they’ve read prepared them for the day when the National Park Service became the leaders of the resistance.

Via imgur:

Post Link


Those who tune in here know that I’m a both an infrequent and a minimalist blogger, these days. (Wasn’t always so, but, my prolific online sharing days are a few years behind me.) Sorry for the shock setting in already, no doubt, that within this sentence I’ve passed the 100 word mark, and I’m not yet signing off. Heh.

There is much to be said — much that has been said and is being said — about the role and service of dystopian fiction. I won’t be doing a re-do of all that here, albeit, I do encourage you to explore and learn on the subject on your own!

In the AMERICUS series, I imagine a world set in a future continental North America where a precipitating event that happened a little over a hundred years back, caused a great deal of damage all over the world. It also caused the fracturing of the “old United States” into separate countries organized along ideological lines, as well as geographic area.

This fracturing did not happen out of nowhere. It happened based on existing divisions.

Namely, the kinds of divisions we’re seeing right now in the real and current United States.

So what does one do, when one realizes that the future dystopia and alternate America one has invented within the realm of “fiction,” has edged a little too close to “the possible” for comfort?

One keeps writing.

And one does some other stuff, too. But this-here blog is about the fiction writing.

On that note, signing off  — with a PS that yes, that next episode of AMERICUS is coming soon. Thirteen more to follow, assuming no rebellion (among the characters, that is … yes, sometimes they ride roughshod over things like outline, arcs, and plans).


Recap NYEve

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Brief recap of New Year’s Eve / very early New Year’s day action, as documented on various “other channels”:

12:02 1/1/17: #amwriting 🙂

12:05 1/1/17 #morealcoholmorecaffeineWHEE!! 😉

12:33 1/1/17 #amwriting Happy 2017, everyone!!

Hope everyone’s 2017 is off to a great start. Love every one of you.