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Hi. First things first, did you catch the guest bio on the front page? That one’s fun.

Bio Stuff

I’ve loved and practiced the art and science of “writing” my entire life. I’ve been published and recognized under several names, commercially and independently. Perhaps most dear to me is that I’ve been honored to provide editorial and cheering section support to some amazing people who’ve done great work. You can find their books in both traditional and indie publishing arenas.

Some authorial highlights for you:

  • First commercial rejection: age 7 (Fiction submission to a children’s magazine … that didn’t accept submissions from children. Oops.)
  • First national competition awards: age 15-16, from Scholastic, for short stories
  • First published novel: age 18 (BUCK, Avon Books/HarperCollins)
  • First motion picture option, age 22
  • Miscellany: International Year’s Best Science Fiction honorable mention (SF); American Library Association Recommended Book award (YA); Sapphire Award nominee (SF romance); Publishers Weekly award (YA)
  • Cumulative stunning corporate words generated: bazillions, I believe. (Some of them officially awarded, even, over there in business world.)