Post Apocalyptic SF:
AMERICUS • Exscendent, Book 1

“… a fragmented, alternative United States divided and crippled … super soldiers gone rogue … a solid and engaging SF saga.” Ken Scholes, award-winning author of the Psalms of Isaak series

Hate does not have a conscience.
That part’s up to Bill.

  • In a war-torn post apocalyptic America, Bill does not have a choice. To save what he loves, he must find and stop a deadly transhuman soldier gone rogue — his own biological father. And for that, he must become what he despises.
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“One of the better dystopian worlds I’ve ever encountered. … Amazing world that will completely stay with you.”JC Andrijeski, USA Today bestselling author

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AMERICUS Series • Exscendent, Book 1
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Bring it on — or else.
In what was once America, things are very bad. They are about to get a whole lot worse.

AMERICUS Series • Exscendent, Book 2
Angel Blood Falls:   Coming Soon

Americus Book 2

Sacrifice will not be enough.
Pain will not be enough. This was what he was born for: to endure the path to hope.

AMERICUS Series • Exscendent, Book 3
Dog Star Rise:   Coming Soon

Americus Book 3

Rock versus hard place.
Tech versus creed. Love versus revenge. It’s going to get darker before it gets light..

AMERICUS Series: Exscendent, Books I, II, & III

Series Overview

• The Series •

In a grim and deeply divided post apocalyptic America, forgiveness is not a part of anyone’s plans. It falls to one reluctant super soldier, an outcast among his own kind, to force a way to peace instead of punishment … if he can survive the hell it will inflict on him.

Reader Reviews • AMERICUS

In AMERICUS: EXSCENDENT, TS Vale drops us into a fragmented, alternative United States divided and crippled by internal and external conflict, introducing us to super soldiers gone rogue and struggling with matters of family, loyalty and conscience. Her brisk, fast-paced voice and honest tone lends reality and depth to the characters and the world they struggle in, setting us up for more entries in what will prove to be a solid and engaging SF saga.

– Ken Scholes, award winning author of the The Psalms of Isaak series

AMERICUS: EXSCENDENT, by TS Vale, is an alternate history novel living inside one of the better-realized dystopian worlds I’ve ever encountered. Its main characters, who are all really well fleshed out and three-dimensional, make up part of a fascinating caste of genetically-modified people called operationals or “ops” who live among (and are mainly feared and despised by) ordinary humans, or “regulars.” The world has tastes of Blade Runner for the outcast element of the main characters, but it has a totally different flavor, overall, one that has a much heavier military vibe and really gets into the realities of a fractured, post-apocalyptic world.

It also has a bit of the Serenity / Firefly / wild west feel of the newer brand of steampunk, where segments of civilization reset back into a more tribal and brutal culture that consists of small bands of humans with more or less their own rules.

I was completely hooked once I got a taste. … I don’t want to give away too much on this, because you just need to read it. Amazing world that will completely stay with you once you’ve finished the last page. It’s the kind of world you dream about, half-thinking it’s real out there, somewhere.

JC Andrijeski, USA Today bestselling author of the Allie’s War, Gate Shifter, Quentin Black, and Alien Apocalypse series

TS Vale is one of the most amazing word wizards I know. This first installment in her new post-apocalyptic AMERICUS series is no exception. It draws the reader into a densely written alternate America and the conflicts of the characters who populate this dark future world.

If you like smart dystopian fiction that entertains AND makes you think, this is a must-read.

Ruth Nestvold, international award winning science fiction and fantasy author and Nebula, Tiptree, and Sturgeon nominee

There have been great societies that did not use the wheel,
but there have been no societies that did not tell stories.Ursula K Le Guin

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New. Hot. Intense.

The Matrix meets Game of Thrones: The Darkcrasher Saga begins.

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Isolated by his power. A man whose love can kill. Heath of the Hadrak magi believes he stands alone against the destroyers of mind and renders of flesh his people know as wizards.

What he believes is false. But the madness-inducing truth lies trapped in darkness and betrayal is the last hope left to him.

Weapon. Pawn. Lord. And slave. He must become the darkness in order to save the light.

And then he must shatter worlds.

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LIBRARY: A short story
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Escape is a very bad idea. Staying is a worse one.
A post apocalyptic / SF romance short story by TS Vale.

In The REAL: A dark novella
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In the Real

Reality kills. Get into it.
An awarded dystopian SF thriller / SF romance short novella mashup by TS Vale. 

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About the Author

Author Note: Check it out — this has to be one of the awesomest guest bios ever. Love it, N.!

TS Vale is an award winning fiction novelist who turned ‘dumb blonde’ on its dumb head. She has written over 2 million words and invented 8 fictional worlds to get lost in. She is also a good salad eater and could kick your butt in video games.

To learn more about TS Vale you will have to read her gorgeous books. You can contact her any time to learn more.

Author Note #2: No statistics were harmed in the making of this bio. Alas that I cannot vouch for the reality of the implied video game prowess, but it was fun to leave that in.